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Private Placement Memorandum Template

Choosing one of our private placement memorandum offering document templates is fast, easy, and efficient. Our ppm templates have been written specially for companies that are not looking for a software based offering memorandum template, but a more sophisticated memorandum that will give an aura of credibility to investors once they have it, and to yourself once you complete the document.

Choose a Template:’s offers over 300 private placement templates for download and editing. We have hundreds more in our database that have not been put up on our site and if there is a PPM template that you need that you do not see, please email us.


We offer many of the following industry specific PPM templates;

  • Food and Beverage PPM Templates
  • Restaurant PPM Templates
  • Movie and Film and TV PPM Templates
  • Oil and Gas PPM Templates
  • Real Estate PPM Templates
  • Hedge Fund PPM Templates
  • Offshore PPM Templates
  • International PPM Templates from many countries
  • Natural resources PPM Templates
  • Alternative Energy PPM Templates
  • And many, many more

 Private Placement PPM Document Templates

Our templates are easy to edit and you will learn about the industry while writing. At any time if you need consultation feel free to contact us. If we cannot help you we will try and point you in the right direction to assist with your private placement memorandum writing needs.

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ement Memorandum is the leading Private Placement template sample document site found anywhere. Not only does Private Placement offer PPM templates for general use, but we offer scores of PPM templates that are industry specific. Our Private Placement Memorandum Templates offers the most easily editable and up to date sample private placement memorandum templates or documents anywhere.

What is a Private Placement Memorandum or Offering Memorandum?

A Private Placement Memorandum or PPM is a prospectus that outlines the terms of the offering to investors. That is, it breaks down what the investor is to receive in return for his or her investment in the company. The PPM – and by extension, the PPM template, includes the securities you are offering, such as private placement stock, bonds, debentures, notes, preferred shares or many other forms of securities found in “>private placements.

A private placement memorandum – and by extension – the PPM private placement, is to be set up to exempt from registration one’s securities under the Securities Act of 1933 in accordance with one or more statutory exemptions. These details are discussed in “Regulation D and Other Exemptions from Registration.”

Due to this exemption, a private placement memorandum offering document PPM lets one approach investors in order to raise an unlimited amount of capital, either from institutions or individuals investors, like accredited investors.

Writing a PPM Template

Writing or developing a private placement offering memorandum (PPM) from scratch can take a long time.

Because writing or creating a private placement memorandum PPM can be a difficult and lengthy task, especially when you factor in your industry, Private Placement Memo has created the ultimate PPM templates to be used when seeking funding. With our PPM sample templates – which we have hundreds to choose – it is easy and accessible to create and update your custom PPM template offering document and begin raising capital from investors.

PPM Purchase

Private Placement Memorandum and its staff recommend the purchase of a private placement memorandum template in order to increase the speed of your PPM being written and placed before investors. Drafting a PPM private placement memorandum template from our company is easy and quick. Just our instructions. (We always suggest that you have a qualified attorney review the sample PPM template to ensure you are compliant. Our attorneys can help with this or you can of course choose to have your own counsel help).

Save Money With Our PPM Attorney Edit and Review

If you are looking to save needed capital, especially if your business is in the start up phase, than having an attorney to edit your PPM can be costly and prohibitive; until now.

Our Attorneys

Private Placement and its team offer an in-house PPM attorney review or edit for your private placement memorandum documents, whether for a full private placement memorandum template, a subscription agreement, escrow agreements and basically scores of other documents needed to help secure your growth and protection. This includes private placement set up, PPM writing from scratch, venture capital, and more. Ask us about this. View some of attorneys and staff here.

PPM Results

By utilizing our Private Placement Memorandum PPM template you will have a professional PPM template that will help showcase your private offering to investors, while saving needed cash.

Sample Private Placement Memorandum Template


Writing your PPM template is very easy. The private placement memorandum PPM is highlighted and marked for you to easy change. Its some of the most convenient instructions anywhere.


Our PPM Sample Private Placement Memorandum Template includes some of the following sections.

• Cover Page
• Table of Contents
• Investment Summary
• Disclaimers
• Terms of the Offering
• Investor Suitability Standards
• Offering Summary or Terms of the Offering
• Use of Proceeds
• Capitalization Structure
• Dilution and Ownership Structure
• Risk Factors
• Management Section
• Business Plan Section
• Investment Structure
• Terms & Conditions
• Plan of Distribution and Placement
• Investor Suitability Questionnaire
• Subscription Agreement (or Promissory Note)
• 5 State Blue Sky Legends
(you may add all 50 States, Puerto Rico and foreign investment legend)

More PPM Templates

Private Placement Memo’s Private Placement Memorandums, PPM Sample Templates, and Regulation D templates are easy to edit. You can also have our in house counsel and attorneys review and upgrade your PPM template.

State Legends

All PPM Private Placement Memorandum Templates can include all 50 state NASAA legends plus the District of Columbia and others or 50 foreign countries.

Foreign Legends

We are the only company found anywhere online that offers a choice of 50 foreign country legends.

Securities Lawyer, Securities Attorney

After writing you private placement memorandum template, it is always recommended to have a lawyer or attorney review and approve the PPM template prior to seeking capital. All of our private placement memorandum templates consists of standard Regulation D disclosures, an investment summary, the investment terms, current state legends/disclaimers, which can include, if you want, foreign country legends, as well as capitalization tables, table of contents, investor suitability questionnaire, subscription agreement for equity or debt, depending on which PPM template you purchase, and more.

PPM Template Choices

If you are seeking or needing a PPM for a C Corporation or a PPM for a S Corporation or a PPM for a LLC or a PPM for an LP or LLLP, we have it. We have all major entities to suit your company needs.

PPM Template Download and Microsoft Word

All of our Templates can be instantly downloaded in Microsoft Word following purchase, or we can simply email you the PPM template.

Private Placement Memorandum Templates, Top PPM Template Firm

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