Restaurant PPM Template

Our restaurant private placement memorandum template is excellent for startups and later stage restaurant companies seeking to raise capital. Restaurants have many moving parts and often times needed liquidity to expand one’s business, or to even franchise their restaurant concept, or open additional locations. Raising capital via a restaurant offering memorandum is a good first step.

Private Placements for Restaurants

More and more restaurants are conducting their own private offerings, called private placements (‘placing’ one securities with another party ‘privately’, i.e, not through a public sale of securities). Most capital raised in the United States and abroad is done via private placement offerings, and even publicly traded companies that operate in the restaurant industry often raise capital, both debt and equity, in the private markets. Thus, they tap both the public and private investor networks.

Our Restaurant Memorandum’s sample restaurant ppm offering memo template is a great document to use for your ppm needs. The risk factors are geared for restaurants as well. When handing a memorandum to an investor its always importnat to include the risk factors of the company and its even better if you can get specific risks associatd with the business.

LLC vs Corporation PPM

We sell many PPMs for LLCs and Corporations so whatever you need in terms of a restaurant PPM please check the table of contents page to find your PPM.

Debt and Equity

We sell a variety of debt and equity PPMs. See again the table of contents.