Reg S and Reg A PPM

Creating a private placement memorandum for a Reg S or Reg A offering can be quite the task. sells both Reg S and Reg A PPM templates.

Reg S

Regulation S allows companies to raise capital from outside the United States, in what is referred to as a offshore offering. Offshore in this sense just means not in the US, and does not refer to ‘offshore’ as specific jurisdictions like the Cayman Islands or British Virgin Islands or Bermuda. Like the 144A offering that must be offered to ¬†investors with a certain net worth, so too does the Regulation S require investors to have liquid capital and not be US citizens.

Reg A

Reg A offerings traditionally let one raise up to $5mm in an offering, and soon to be $50mm if the SEC allows Regulation A to be updated. The Reg A PPM template, like the Reg S private offering memorandum, is easy to edit. Soon Reg A offerings will, if approved by the SEC, have less red tape, and less legal work for entrepreneurs when seeking to raise capital.

If you are seeking help with choosing a specialty PPM like the Reg S, Reg A or 144A, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation. You may find that you need a 144A/Reg S combined offering instead of just one. Additionally, if you are raising equity capital or debt capital by conducting a bond or note offering we may be able to suggest a few pointers to save you money.



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