Private Placement Memorandum has the LARGEST depository of private placement memorandum documents for sale found anywhere in the world. We have nearly 300 private placement memos that can be purchased, downloaded and edited directly from our website.

A private placement memorandum, or PPM, is a document that mainly used to raise private capital. Often, a PPM can cost thousands of dollars to write and take many hours of work by consultants, attorneys and other specialists. In today’s global market place, unless one is conducting a very complex structure there is little reason to pay the high cost to create a private placement offering memorandum.

Our Templates

Our PPM templates have been created to give both large companies and the every day startup the ability to have power when it comes to raising money. Normally companies starting out tend to try and save needed funds, and one of the largest expenses is the private placement memorandum. With our template you can have the word document and edit as you see fit. The time it will take to edit any of our private placement documents will be minimal compared to your fees to those who like to charge an arm and leg!

Size of our Documents

We have more PPMs than any competitor in the entire world. We have taken the time to create many custom PPMs from oil and gas to restaurant and hi tech private placements.

Why Should you Write a PPM?

The basic answer to this question is that having a private placement ppm memorandum is the safest thing to do when raising capital. The PPM should give you protections from investors, and should give investors confidence that you know what you are doing.

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