Movie, Film, TV PPMs

Our movie private placement memorandum sample templates are great for those seeking to raise capital for the film or television (tv) industry. The memorandums are easy to edit and are industry specific.


Many movies and entertainment studies need to raise money to stay competitive in today’as entertainment space. Even more so, the small startup and Indie crews need capital that is not available to those at the large studios. This can make it even more important for independent films to get needed exposure.


This is also true for television private placements. Many who want to get on netflix or even make a youtube video need access to capital to pay for items like cameras, crew, space to rent, city fees and much more. A solid offering memorandum for TV and movies/films can be a very long way to getting investors to take one seriously.

Movie and Film and TV PPM Template Structures

Our PPMs come with table of contents, subscription agreement, and much more, including the industry risk factors, which is very important. You can choose ppms for LLC or ppms for corporations. In additional you may be selling debt via a promissory note or bond offering and there you can choose the debt PPM template. Or if you are selling equity such as stock or units, you can choose the equity ppm templates.

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