What’s Included in PPM

The PPM consists of the some the most basic and required fields a company needs when raising capital. Every private placement memorandum should have a cover sheet, as well as table of contents. This will immediately show any potential investor what the document is all about and what is comprised in the PPM.

Term Sheet or Terms of the Offering

Additionally, the heart of the PPM template consists of the term sheet, also called the terms of the offering. In the term sheet, the terms of the deal are essentially laid out in the private placement memorandum.  The terms of the offering section will detail the stock or note/bond price, the payout, ownership structure, basic risks to the company, SEC or foreign equivalent general rules and much more.

Risk Factors

Our PPMs are unique in that we list industry specific risk factors for each separate type of private placement memorandum. Thus, the oil and gas PPMs have two unique features; the memorandum is structure for a oil or gas offering, and the risk factors are specific to those industries. It is important to list your company and industry risk factors in the PPM as this will help investors make an educated decision about investing in your business.

Subscription Agreement and Subscription Documents

Every PPM we sell has what’s called the Subscription documents. This includes an investor questionnaire which all investors must fill out to qualify as an investor. Then there is the subscription agreement, which is essentially the contract between the issuer and the investor. The Subscription agreement consists of the pricing of the securities, rules, and terms as well.

Our PPMs

Private-Placement.com’s private placement documents consists of hundreds of PPM samples that are ready to use documents (once updated by you).

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